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08 May 2019

Eiffage Energía awarded maintenance contract for the Valencian Regional Government’s courthouses

Eiffage Energía has won a two-year contract to provide maintenance services at 65 courthouses of the Valencian Regional Government distributed in the provinces of Valencia, Castellón and Alicante, with a total area of more than 330,000 square metres, and a tender budget of more than €4 million. In this way, the company will be responsible for ensuring the comprehensive maintenance and upkeep of these courthouses, attached to the Spanish Ministry of Justice, Public Administrations, Democratic Reforms and Public Freedoms. To […]

24 Apr 2019

Eiffage Energía completes the renovation of street lighting in Albacete capital and its industrial estates

Eiffage Energía is working on the renovation of the street lighting in Albacete Capital and its industrial estates which will be ready next June. This project consists of replacing more than 21,000 conventional light points for others with LED technology and replacing or adapting more than 200 control centres with a modern remote management system, allowing from the central computer to perform tasks of power-on-off, adjust schedules and light intensity, display operating parameters and detect faults and anomalies. This project, […]

14 Feb 2019

Eiffage Energia’s new head office, a benchmark in sustainability and energy efficiency

Eiffage Energia’s new head office in Spain, located in Albacete, is aimed at being a benchmark in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, as it could not be otherwise. For this reason, the installations incorporate technical specifications of eco-efficient materials and systems and installations that increase efficiency and reduce consumption and, therefore, the impact on the environment. The complex is equipped with photovoltaic solar installations, aerothermal solar installation and biomass plant, rainwater recovery system for irrigation; integrated LED lighting with DALI control, […]

14 Jan 2019

Eiffage Energy inaugurates its new head office quarters in Albacete aimed at being a benchmark in sustainability and energy efficiency

Today, the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García Page, has inaugurated the new head offices of Eiffage Energía in Spain, located in Albacete in a ceremony attended by the CEO of Eiffage Energía, José Manuel Martínez, as host, international CEO of Eiffage Énergie Systemes, Ludovic Duplan, institutional and business representatives as well as regional and subsidiaries directors of the company. The new building, which brings together in the same workplace Central Services, the Territorial Centre, Conscytec, Renewable Energy and Maintenance […]

08 Nov 2017

More aid for renewable energy and energy efficiency in Castilla-La Mancha

Clean energy no longer presents a challenge in becoming an essential habit for all of us. Day by day, green energies are increasingly present thanks to small practices and newly adopted routines. Every green leaf, every percentage of energy saved or thanks to new recycled uses, we contribute so that the struggle to live in a cleaner planet is a constant and not just a flash in the pan. Leaving aside the possible utopias for the construction of a more […]

16 Aug 2017

European Green Capital Award: a tribute to the cleanest cities

A cleaner city, aiming for a better and healthier future. The desire to live in a city that is greener and striving to become eco-friendly is the inspiration that drives the local and national authorities of the different member states of the European Union. Since 2010, the European Commission has been acknowledging the environmental commitment shown by cities. With a view towards cleaner development, the Green Capital Award has become a stimulus for cities to implement best environmental practices and thus […]

03 Mar 2016

In Eiffage Energía we are committed to energy efficiency

On Saturday 5 March, the world will celebrate the International Energy Efficiency Day. At Eiffage Energía we want to join in on this celebration as we take very seriously the rational use of energy and the effects of climate change on the planet. As assures our CEO, José Manuel Martínez: “Energy is a common good for all humanity and as such should be available to everyone.” And this is the line that is followed by the company in every project that […]

10 Feb 2015

Eiffage Energía carries out a new energy efficiency project in the public lighting of Navas del Marqués (Avila, Spain)

After being awarded last month of December, Eiffage Energía has started works for the improvement of energy efficiency in the public lighting of Navas del Marques town (Avila, Spain). This project has been promoted by The Public Society for infrastructures and Environment of Castilla León, being its aim to reduce energy consumption to save money in power bills. Project’s scope includes replacement of 2.127 light points, 37 electrical control boxes, as well as the installation of a remote management system […]