Eiffage purchases 1 % of its capital from Bpifrance

On the 20th of May 2016, national investment bank Bpifrance announced the successful launch of the private placement of 7.6 millions of Eiffage shares, which represents 7.8 % of the company’s capital.

In order to support the operation and according to the authorization granted by shareholders during the last general assembly on the 20th of April, Eiffage has purchased 1 million shares, in parallel to the placement, which represent 1.02% of its social capital, for a placement price of 66.20€ for a share.

In that way, Bpifrance, a shareholder of Eiffage since 2006, has approximately 5.7% of the company’s capital after this operation.

In this way, Eiffage’s employees are the main protagonists of Bpifrance’s exit and the increase of capital, because they are the main shareholders of the Group, which currently has 66.000 employees and former employees as shareholders.

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