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24 Mar 2020
Mensaje del presidente de Eiffage, Benoît de Ruffray

“Velar por la salud y la seguridad de nuestros equipos sigue siendo nuestra máxima prioridad”

  El presidente director general del Grupo Eiffage, Benoît de Ruffray, ha enviado una carta a todos los colaboradores de la compañía para transmitirles un mensaje de apoyo y de agradecimiento, asegurando que “velar por la salud y la seguridad de nuestros equipos sigue siendo nuestra máxima prioridad”. De esta forma, ha dado las gracias especialmente a todos los trabajadores que están movilizados sobre el terreno.  Para garantizar, ha dicho, la continuidad operativa de las actividades de Eiffage en aquellas […]

04 Dic 2019
6D ITS NOW- acción climática global


As the 2019 Climate Summit takes place in Madrid, millions of people will be mobilised around the world on Friday, 6 December to insist on the urgency of specific actions that commit political leaders to ensuring a safe path so that the global temperature does not exceed 1.5 degrees with respect to the pre-industrial era. In this way, people, organisations, companies, schools or institutions will develop specific and awareness raising actions, producing local clean energy, reforesting and restoring ecosystems, reducing, […]

18 Mar 2019
Trabajadores Eiffage Energía

Eiffage Energía’s workers can now acquire company shares

Eiffage Energía’s workers can now become part of the company’s shareholding thanks to the increase in capital the company reserved exclusively for its employees. In this way and for the fourth consecutive year, in 2019 the Eiffage Group has issued new shares offered exclusively and with preferential conditions to all its employees. An initiative which has enabled Eiffage to develop a unique family spirit, extraordinary cohesion and a strong common identity. The subscription period opens today, 18 March, and will […]

26 Jul 2018

Eiffage Energía together with Schneider Electric builds the photovoltaic plant Paradise Park in Jamaica

Neoen, French independent leader in the production of renewable energy grants Eiffage,through its subsidiary Eiffage Energía, and Schneider Electric Francethe construction of its photovoltaic plant Paradise Park (51.5 MWp) in Jamaica. Eiffage Energía has extensive experience and know-how in high-capacity solar projects. Now, in partnership with Schneider Electric, Eiffage Energía is responsible for the construction of Paradise Park, where it will also carry out the maintenance of the plant for the next 20 years. Neoen won the project of Paradise […]

27 Mar 2018

Eiffage’s capital increase reserved for workers in the Group

Eiffage Energía’s workers can now become part of the company’s shareholding. In 2018, Grupo Eiffage has issued new shares offered exclusively to all its employees with preferential conditions, such as a 20% discount off the Eiffage share price, or the management costs which will be at the expense of Grupo Eiffage, among others. The subscription period has been open since 19 March and will end on 16 April. This is the third year this participation for all company employees is […]

27 Sep 2017

Interview with Javier García Cruzado, director of Eiffage Energía Chile

Eiffage Energía Chile is one of Eiffage Energía’s subsidiaries in Latin America specialised in the areas of energy, civil engineering and construction. The subsidiary works with the highest standards of quality and safety in all projects while reducing deadlines for implementation of the works and promoting loyalty of all the Eiffage Group’s customers. In 2013, SunEdison requested that Eiffage Energía build the solar plant San Andres in Copiapó, which at the time was the largest plant in Latin America. Then […]

19 Jun 2017

EIFFAGE ENERGÍA strengthens its position in the maintenance market of the building sector

Eiffage Energía is improving its position in the maintenance market of the building sector, for this reason it is creating a Services business unit, for national implementation, based on applying all the necessary tools to satisfy the needs of its clients adapting the new technologies to their own projects. Maintenance in the building sector Eiffage Energía is currently responsible for the maintenance of a large number of shopping centres and large supermarkets, hotels, residential centres, banks, insurance offices, office buildings, […]

14 Jun 2017

CONSCYTEC, Eiffage Energía’s subsidiary construction company is now 15 years old

Conscytec, Eiffage Energía’s subsidiary construction company, has its 15th anniversary. It was created in 2002 and emerged as a need to give coverage to the increasing activity in construction of its parent company Electrosur XXI (subsequently Eiffage Energía), mainly in the field of civil engineering associated with the works of power generation: wind farms, solar plants, transformer substations, or works in combined-cycle plants. It is specialised in the implementation and management of projects in the building and civil engineering sectors. […]

13 Jun 2017

The aim of the Eiffage Group is to become a leader in occupational risks prevention

The Eiffage Group, in its more than 500 subsidiaries worldwide, is developing a broad communication campaign to convey the rules that define the framework of the strategic plan in the area of security for all workers of the company. Security is the top priority for the Eiffage Group and it aims to become the leader in the field of occupational risks prevention in each of the business lines. In the words ofBenoît de Ruffray, CEO of the Eiffage Group, «we […]

25 May 2017

Inelbo celebrated its 30th anniversary

The celebration of the 30th anniversary of Inelbo, subsidiary of Eiffage Energía, specialised in interior installations and electrical maintenance, took place last Friday, 19th May in Alicante. An event that was presided over by Arnaud Péretmère, CEO of Eiffage Énergie, parent company of Eiffage Energía. In order to celebrate the company’s three decades, a number of activities were organised, including a photography contest on the history of Inelbo for the more than 120 employees of the workforce, whose prizes were […]