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18 May 2017

EIFFAGE ENERGÍA against the effects of climate change

Climate change is a reality of which Eiffage Energía is extremely aware, so much so that we include a series of environmental indicators which ensure that those environmental aspects considered significant are controlled within acceptance criteria defined by Eiffage Energía. These serve as a basis for reducing the environmental impacts generated by the company’s activity. A large number of countries have joined this initiative to tackle climate change, such as the Paris Agreement held at a summit in December 2015. […]

04 May 2017

Ambitec collaborates in the construction of the Alisios Shopping Centre

Eiffage Energía, through its subsidiary  Ambitec, is taking part in the construction of the Alisios Shopping Centre in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, which is located in the South Tamaraceite area.  The collaboration in this project will be carried out by the company Yudaya, implementing the installations of office air conditioning, ventilation and detection of CO in the car park and docking zones, overpressure of stairs and LPG (liquified petroleum gas). The implementation budget exceeds one million euros. The Alisios […]

27 Abr 2017

EIFFAGE ENERGÍA is developing several awareness-raising actions on the pursuit of excellence in occupational safety

In connection with World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Eiffage Energía wishes to convey its sensitivity in this matter, which is one of the main pillars of the Strategic Plan 2020 of the Energy Branch of the Eiffage Group, where safety is the top priority. Within the framework of this Strategic Plan, Eiffage has a letter of commitment that represents a true guide to continuous improvements on prevention matters, from the Company management, which must be applied. For […]

05 Abr 2017

EIFFAGE ENERGÍA has taken part in the project to improve the electricity network of Las Hurdes

Eiffage Energía has participated in the project of renewal of the electric network of the region of Las Hurdes, in the province of Caceres, where the company Iberdrola is making a significant investment, with the aim of improving the quality of the electricity supply. Specifically, Eiffage Energía has been in charge of the renewal of the medium voltage air power line between the towns of Riomalo de Arriba and Las Mestas. The works have consisted of changing 15 kilometres of […]

29 Mar 2017

In search of energy interconnection

According to an article recently published in El Economista, we live in an age which we call hyperconnected. The economy, information, technology and even trade are connected globally. However, and despite being the primary engine of our planet, energy still remains isolated in many countries of the world: the way in which we generate, distribute, store and consume energy has hardly evolved at all in recent years. In fact, and according to data provided by the same economic newspaper, Spain […]

23 Mar 2017

Ambitec is awarded a ventilation and refrigeration project

Eiffage Energía, through its subsidiary Ambitec, has been awarded the project of ventilation and refrigeration installation of the paper coating industrial unit of S.A. Industries Cellulose Aragonesa, Burgo de Ebro (Zaragoza). The project, which is already being carried out, will have an implementation period of eight months. The work performed on the ventilation will be mainly: Installation of 4.6 Mw cold water production through water-water cooling plants with closed cooling towers. Installation of free-cooling for production of cold water. Ventilation […]

09 Mar 2017

Eiffage Energía receives recognition for its low number of workplace accidents

Last Friday 4 March, Eiffage Energía received the Ibermutuamur diploma, Mutua de Accidentes de Trabajo y Enfermedades Profesionales de la Seguridad Social nº 274 (Social Security Mutual Insurance for Work Accidents and Occupational Illnesses No. 274) in recognition of its low number of workplace accidents. This type of recognition is awarded to companies that have a lower level of workplace accidents than all the other companies in the sector, thanks to their implementation and planning for occupational hazards. This means […]

23 Feb 2017

Eiffage Energía takes on the PV maintenance activity of Conergy España

Following the winding up of Conergy España, Eiffage Energía successfully bid at public auction for the transfer of six O&M contracts for PV energy installations. In July 2013, the parent company of the Conergy group entered into an arrangement with creditors forcing the insolvency of the Spanish subsidiary in February 2014. Conergy España continued its O&M activity, undertaking its existing contracts with the support of companies such as Eiffage Energía as experts in the operation and maintenance of PV plants […]

16 Feb 2017

We are continuing to improve our management and internal communication tools

In keeping with the line that began a few months ago with the creation of the new corporate intranet, Eiffage Energía offers all its employees a new mobile application developed for iPhone and Android phones, which will speed up all administrative and management procedures for all company employees. It is an application that will evolve over time and, to which new functions will be incorporated. At the moment, the sections it will have will be the following: –Registration of expense […]

07 Feb 2017

The number of workplace accidents has fallen by more than 80 % in recent years

The number of workplace accidents has fallen by more than 80% in recent years atEiffage Energía, a company that has a major commitment to the prevention of occupational risks within its business group. Thus, according to the latest data, the Frequency Index, which reflects the number of accidents registered that occur every million hours worked, has been reduced by almost 87% since 2010. Another important value to take into consideration is the Index of Severity, which expresses the number of […]