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02 Feb 2017

The Eiffage Energía Group ends 2016 with a turnover of over 208 million euros and about 1,800 jobs

The Eiffage Energía Group, a subsidiary of the fifth European concessions and construction group Eiffage, ends 2016 with a turnover of more than 208 million euros, representing an increase of 67 million euros in the last four years, and about 1,800 jobs, 408 more than in 2013. These are important facts that make Eiffage Energía a leading group in the sector, facts to which are added the increase of its international expansion, making it one of the Spanish companies with […]

26 Ene 2017

Eiffage Energía develops a platform for the comprehensive management of projects

Eiffage Energía will develop, within the period of one year, a platform for the comprehensive management of engineering and infrastructure construction projects, under a collaboration agreement signed with the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) through the European Regional Development Fund. Through this project, which has a total budget of just over one million euros, Eiffage Energía will develop a construction management system which will take advantage of the potential of big data to attain the traceability of […]

17 Ene 2017

Futur Energy echoes Eiffage Energía’s projects

At the end of the year 2016, the magazine Futur Energy, one of the most important specialised publications in the energy sector, has echoed on the back cover section of its latest issue, the most important national and international projects of Eiffage Energía. It has certainly been a year of great achievements for the company for new business opportunities both inside and outside Spain, where the process of expansion of business activity continues with great success. Eight years ago, Eiffage […]

03 Ene 2017

Two workers from Eiffage Energía are among the winners of the photography contest «The Force of Nature»

Recently we have heard the verdict of the «The force of Nature» awards, the internal photography competition organised by Eiffage within the framework of the National Strategy for Biodiversity, with which the company has wished to show its involvement in the care of the environment and biodiversity. The topics of the contest were adverse climatic events, landscapes, the resistance of animals and vegetation in extreme conditions and the production of energy from the sun, wind and water. Amongst those awarded […]

22 Dic 2016

The Eiffage Energía subsidiaries in Latin America and Spain

Just over two and a half months ago Eiffage Energía inaugurated its new subsidiary in Lima (Peru), continuing a process of internationalisation, which from Spain, extends to Chile and Mexico. The latter makes the total of subsidiaries owned by the Eiffage Energía Group number 6, each with a wide expertise covering the fields of electrical infrastructure, installations, maintenance, civil works and construction, renewable energy, offering a comprehensive 360º service, making it a national and international benchmark company. Specifically dedicated to […]

10 Nov 2016

Students of the Technological University of Chile visit the Quilapilún Solar Park

On 24 October, a group of students from the Studies Program of Electronic Engineering from the Technological University of Chile (INACAP), made a tour of the installations at the Quilapilún Solar Park. The 20 students who visited the photovoltaic installation, located in the municipality of Colina belonging to the Metropolitan Region, were able to get to know the construction stages of the plant, the assembly and everything that comprises the laying and assembly of the electrical discipline. The creation of […]

30 Jun 2016
Force-Nature 2016-Competition-Eiffage-Energia

The Force of Nature: the star of the new Eiffage photo contest

“The Force of Nature” is the name given to the company photo contest organized by Eiffage within the framework of the National Biodiversity Strategy. All Eiffage Group employees are invited to take part in the competition and enjoy the exciting prizes as well as have your photographic skill displayed in the company’s 2017 calendar. This year’s contest theme was chosen to show Eiffage’s involvement in environmental and biodiversity conservation activities and, as the name suggests, focuses on how the overwhelming […]

29 Jun 2016

Employees of Eiffage Energía can now be shareholders of the company

Recently, Eiffage has increased the capital for its employees within the Common Investment Fund Eiffage Accionariado (FCPE). Some weeks ago in Albacete during a meeting of personnel and collaborators, Christian Cassayre, financial director of Eiffage Group, stated that the objective is for the employees to become shareholders and benefit from its many advantages. The FCPE is a fund under French law dedicated to employee savings mechanisms/schemes that allow its participants to hold shares of the company. The FCPE Eiffage Accionariado […]

20 Jun 2016

Eiffage purchases 1 % of its capital from Bpifrance

On the 20th of May 2016, national investment bank Bpifrance announced the successful launch of the private placement of 7.6 millions of Eiffage shares, which represents 7.8 % of the company’s capital. In order to support the operation and according to the authorization granted by shareholders during the last general assembly on the 20th of April, Eiffage has purchased 1 million shares, in parallel to the placement, which represent 1.02% of its social capital, for a placement price of 66.20€ […]

15 Feb 2016

Eiffage Energía receives recognition from Iberdrola for occupational hazard prevention

Eiffage Energía receives recognition from Iberdrola for the prevention of occupational hazards on 11 February, during the seminar held at Iberdrola Bilbao for the Reading, Measurement and Inspection contractors, Eiffage Energía was presented with a certificate of recognition for having had no accidents in the Measurement contracts for the year 2015. With this gesture, the company's plan for the prevention of occupational hazards, which was reinforced five years ago with the creation of a Joint Prevention Service, is recognised. Up to […]