Involved in strengthening for electrical interconnection between Spain and France

Eiffage Energia has been awarded by Prysmian a large part of the project which REE (Electrical Network of Spain) and Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE) are developing to increase the power exchange capacity between Spain and France.

This project pretends to increase power exchange from 3 to 6% of maximal Peninsula power, strengthening the security of the two electrical systems and promote the integration of a greater volume of renewable energy, especially energy from Iberian wind system. Also, ensure the power supply in the province of Girona and future high-speed rail.

This interconnection is declared a project of European interest and has funding of € 225 million under the European program EEPR (European Energy Program for Recovery). Network is a complex and exceptional infrastructure which represents one of the biggest challenges the company in the coming years. This line will be the first European network interconnection that is placed in service for nearly 30 years.

The main Work features of this project are:

  • 400 kV High Voltage line which will increase the exchange capacity of 1,400 to 2,800 megawatts.
  • The 65-kilometer High Voltage line will go underground and in layout we use existing infrastructure where possible.
  • The line will connect with two converter substations: Santa Llogaia (Spain) and Baixas (France) through La Junquera in the eastern Pyrenees. These stations are required as a result of the line is a direct current line.
  • The chosen technologies are an innovation by the length of the ground line, cable technology and converter stations to these voltage and power level.
  • The works of interconnection through the Massif des Alberes begin in 2012 and will last approximately one year. Two tunneling machines will be used, which will begin work simultaneously on both sides of the border.

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