Involved in all main electrical projects carried out in Spain

Eiffage Energía is currently involved through its High Voltage Department in almost all main projects carried out in Spain about electrical Infrastructures.

From the large projects to improve connections between France, Portugal and Spain, underwater connection between Baleares Islands, up to other big projects for clients such as REE, ENDESA, IBERDROLA, ADIF, etc. Eiffage Energía is nowadays participating in all main projects carried out in Spain about electrical infrastructures, which mean an order book over 30 Million € for its High Voltage Department. Works also involve assembly for more than 115 km of power lines; disassemble of another 145 km of obsolete power lines, installation of 145 km underground 400 KV wire, and construction of several substations and autotransformer centers for electrification of railways.

Within all works currently carried out are:

  • Underground DC power lines installation between Spain and France.
  • Assembling of 400 KV air power line “Bescano-Ramis-Sta Llogaia” included compaction of existing lines Vic-Juiá 220 KV and Juiá-Figueres. Sections II and III.
  • Trenches and electrical pipes in land section for 132 KV DC connection between Mallorca and Ibiza.
  • Assembling of power line included erection of towers, laying, regulated and stapling wires. Connection between Portugal and Spain, Puebla de Guzman power line.
  • Dissasemble of 220 KV power line Aparecilla-Tordesillas, included removal of wires, towers and foundations.
  • Civil Works, assembling and laying for 220 KV DC power line from ST Saint Águeda to Barranco de Tirajana-Jinamar power line in Gran Canaria Island.
  • Construction, assembling and erection of tower, laying, regulated and stapling wires of 400 KV Pinilla-Campanario power line.
  • Construction of traction power substation included four autotransformer centers associated and a DC-220 KV power line to supply power to the railway between Medina del Campo and Fuentes de Oñoro.

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