Eiffage Energía is considered like one of the best companies of Renewable Energy

Eiffage Energía has been selected as example of competitive company in the renewable energy sector, As well as creator of economic and employment growth in the territory of Castilla-La Mancha. This way it was manifested by Carmen Casero in her visit to our headquarter locateded in Mahora’s road, km 3,2 (Albacete)

Coinciding with the presence of our Europe General Director at Eiffage Énergie, Arnaud Péretmère, and with General Manager at Eiffage Energía, José Manuel Martínez García, the employment counselor visited our headquarter and praised the importance of looking for competitiveness for other companies, helping the rest of industry to cut costs with the aim of achieving better rolls in European and foreign markets.

Thanks to the work carried out by companies like Eiffage, highlighted Casero, “Albacete is the province which more contributes in renewable energy to Spain’s PIB, even more than Zaragoza”

Whilst Eiffage Énergie’s General Director in Europe, who carry out works and projects in Europe and Africa, has concreted that this international Group counts on 70.000 employees and 14.000 Million € annual turnover, which like the last years is going to keep on growing a little more, something that makes feel him very proud.

In the other hand, José Manuel Martínez has concreted that Eiffage Energía has been involved in the construction of nearly 3.000 MW wind energy, which suppose more than 1.000 wind turbines, as well as 200 MW photovoltaics.

Eiffage Energía in Spain counts on 145 million € turnover and employs 1.500 employees, from which nearly 700 are located in Castilla la Mancha, being working 500 of them in Albacete. “Eiffage Energía has his headquarter in Albacete from where the company is managed”, has manifested José Manuel Matínez. “Besides not only in the national area but also in the new branches located in Mexico, Brazil and Chile” as well as renewable energy activity carried out in Poland, Belgium and United Kingdom.

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