Eiffage Energía builds Air Conditioning system in New Justice Palace of La Rioja

Eiffage Energía through its branch Ambitec S.A.U. will finish in the late year the construction of air conditioning, heating and airing system in the New Justice Palace of La Rioja.

Works, which began last April are being carried out in the new building that Aragón’s Government is building in the former Guada Civil headquarter which is dated 1910, and whose area is near 20.000 square meters.

Facilities will have a cooling power of 1.824 KW, while heating power will reach 1.260 Kw.

Palacio de Justicia de La Rioja - Ambitec

Other features are:

  • 54 air cooling units (two and four tubes) with low silhouette and acoustic silencers in aspiration.
  • 1.000 m2 low temperature underfloor for heating building access.
  • Solar thermal collectors for preparing and supporting ACS system.
  • Monitoring system centralized.
  • Treatment data processing center facilities as well as IT racks rooms with eight self-contained units of direct expansion.

Complejo hotelero en Lanzarote

Other important project where Eiffage Energía is involved through its branch Ambitec S.A.U. is the Air Conditioning System for”Lanzarote Suites Aequora Hotel (previously called Don Paco Castilla)”where is carrying out a difficult improvement to turn this apartahotel into a 4 stars hotel with 398 rooms.

With 8 months deadline, it’s forecasted that Works will finish in the late October.

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