Eiffage Energía start works for power supply to Hydraulic pump station of la Brena II dam

Eiffage Energía will start next week works for power line which will supply power to the hydraulic pump station and turbine of la Brena II dam in Córdoba (Spain).

Contract, whose amount will reach 4 million €, was awarded last September by Ministry of Agriculture, alimentation and environmental through its society Acuaes (Aguas de las Cuencas de Espana). Deadline is twelve months, thus works are forecasted to be finished last quarter 2015.

La Brena II dam is located in Guadiato river, Córdoba province (Spain). It has a storage capacity of 823 Hm3 and a hydraulic pump station which lifts Guadalquivir waters, taking advantage from winter excess flow to free it in summer, season when this water is necessary for agriculture, also generating hydroelectric power.

To give service for this installation, Eiffage Energía will build a substation formed by one 220 KV out position and two transformer positions (220/11 KV – 50MW each one) for interconnection between dam turbine and hydraulic pump station and power line of 9.6 km (with 33 towers). Connection point is in Almodovar del Campo substation owned by REE.


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