Eiffage Energía is involved in the construction of the biggest PV Plant in Europe


The Groups EiffageSchneider Electric and Krinner have published that they will build the biggest PV Plant in Europe, piece of news which they have been made coincide with works’ start in Cestas, near to Burdeos.

The awarded contract has a budget of 285 million €, and beside design and construction, scope also includes its subsequent management, as they have informed in a common release.

Eiffage Energía involvement will be from project design to the PV Plant construction. In this last part, Eiffage Energía scope includes the following works; over 1.000.000  photovoltaic panels connection4.000.000  solar wire installation;  200.000 multi-contact connectors for structure earth connections; so as all the necessary testing in 60.000 strings and thermography proofs for 3.700 string boxes and 20.000 multi-contact connectors.

PV Plant has 25 generation units, a total power of 300 MW, and will be connected straight to the grid in very high voltage. It is forecasted to be operational in October 2015. PV Plant will generate more than 350 GW per hourequivalent to the average consumption of Burdeos.

The total investment for this Project, which is carried out for 9 investors led by NEOEN  society will reach 360 million €.

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