Eiffage Energía CEO bet for internalization and diversification with the aim to strengthen industrial network

José Manuel Martínez participated in the Conference about reindustrialization carried out in Castilla-La Mancha

Eiffage Energía CEO, José Manuel Martinez attended last Wednesday in Toledo to the conference about “Reindustrialization for winning in Castilla la Mancha”, which were organized by the Progress and Management Association  and Deloitte.

Within the Conference context, which were inaugurated by the Economy and Employment Counselor of Castilla la Mancha Carmen Casero, and were concluded with a lunch conversation with the Regional Government President Mª Dolores de Cospedal, Eiffage Energía CEO participated in a roundtable in which several responsible for big companies gave their point of view about reindustrialization like the best way to improve competitiveness.

In his speech, José Manuel Martinez talked about the way Eiffage Energía expertise within Renewable Energy area has been useful for the internationalization of its activity in this area, keeping on its normal activity in Spain without any problem.

In José Manuel words “if we have grown both in billing and increase in workforce, this has been thanks to foreign activity, taking advantage from our expertise in the development of renewable energy network in Spain.

José Manuel Martinez reminded the involvement Eiffage Energía had during renewable energy boom happened in Spain, more specifically in Castilla la Mancha, which turned out like the second region in wind energy power installed.

All this potential is the one which is currently paying off in countries like Brazil, Chile, Poland, Mexico, Belgium, United Kingdom, etc. without that has been any decrease in company background, being another important asset Eiffage Energía has played beside internationalization, activity diversification, carrying out new activities related with water, gas, telecommunication, etc.

To finish, José Manuel Martinez said that Eiffage Energía not only holds its figures but it hasn’t lost its growth potential, and that is also due to maintenance activity for the facilities it builds, “what is built must be kept”

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