Eiffage Energía carries out a new energy efficiency project in the public lighting of Navas del Marqués (Avila, Spain)

After being awarded last month of December, Eiffage Energía has started works for the improvement of energy efficiency in the public lighting of Navas del Marques town (Avila, Spain). This project has been promoted by The Public Society for infrastructures and Environment of Castilla León, being its aim to reduce energy consumption to save money in power bills.

Project’s scope includes replacement of 2.127 light points, 37 electrical control boxes, as well as the installation of a remote management system in the command centers for controlling. All improvement Eiffage Energía will install in the public lighting have the aim to achieve better energy efficiency, what imply not only saving costs but also a low level of light contamination. To get it, we will use new technologies like LED lighting, low consumption lamps, flow reducer system, remote management systems, etc. According to deadlines it is forecasted to be finished in May 2015.

Energy efficiency is a good practice Eiffage Energía has in all its projects, contributing to reduce future expenses and promote economic, political and environmental sustainability.

Alicante province and Madrid airport

At this point, we would also like to remind, that Eiffage Energía did the lighting system replacement in Madrid Airport in 2012, installing new LED technology, which helped to save more than 55.500 € in the annual energy bill.

Last year, Eiffage Energía carried out several important projects with same characteristics according to energy efficiency, which were promoted by the Diputación de Alicante within a plan for public lighting replacement in different municipalities.  In these projects we proceeded to remove lighting systems in several municipalities like Algorfa, Pilar de la Horadada, San Fulgencio, Xaló, El Campello, etc. Eiffage Energía is also working currently in this area, carrying out several projects within the same plan in the municipalities of Elda, El Vergel, San Isidro, etc., in which we are replacing all obsolete equipment for LED technology.

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