Conscytec highlights the good rhythm in Torre 4 Porta Firal works

Construction works for concrete structures in Torre 4 de la Porta Firal (Barcelona-Spain), which are being carried out by Conscytec team have a good progress, so they will be finished in the early 2016. Deadline is stablished in 10.5 months and the budget is close to 3 million €.

This building, which corresponds to the fourth tower included in Porta Firal project has 17 floors and occupies an area of approximately 20.282 m2.

Iberdrola Inmobiliaria Cataluña awarded Eiffage Energía last February through its branch Conscytec SLU, the contract for the construction of civil works, structures and facilities for this building intended for business center and shopping center named”Torre 4 Porta Firal”,which is located in Barcelona in the tertiary real estate development “Porta Firal”.

Porta Firal: Global Project

Porta Firalis a multifunctional complex projected by Oscar Tusquets Blanca architect. Design stands out for its functionality as well as its visual impact within a remarkable emphasis in sustainability and energy saving. It’s a sustainable business center.

Three of them, which have 22 floors, occupy an area of approximately 23.000 m2 each one, while the fourth one intended for shopping center at ground floor will occupy an area of 20.000 m2 and will have 17 floors. Complex has more than 1000 parking spaces within its already open underground parking.

Architectonic complex is composed by 4 towers located in one of the places with more financial and business projection in Barcelona, next to the Fira II and Justice’s City.

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