Workplace accidents decrease in Eiffage Energía over 80% in the last five years

I Jornada de Sensibilización en PRL

Eiffage Energía CEO, José Manuel Martínez highlighted the 80% drop workplace accidents in the company since 2010 during the “First Awareness Day on Occupational Risks Prevention” organized by Eiffage Energía last Friday.
José Manuel Martínez participated with the provincial director of Economy, business and employment Nicolas Merino, in this event’s inauguration, which took place with the aim to reflect about different matters related to occupational risks and energy workplace safety, as well as to raise employees’ awareness about the relevance of taking care of prevention day after day.
José Manuel Martinez greatly appreciated the proceedings which are being carried out in Eiffage Energía about this issue and talked about others proceedings the company has planned to set up next year. In this regard, he highlighted the great evolution of the workplace accidents figures’ company, which in CEO words; this motivates even more to keep on working in this way.
In the same way, he recalled the initiative of “Health and Safety Excellence Awards”, set up by Eiffage Energía Direction in 2015 to reward the best practices in occupational risk prevention as a better way to motivate its employees because the workplace accidents are one of the main company concerns.
The event, organized in collaboration with the Provincial Direction of Economy, Business and Employment, took place at Santa Isabel Hotel and it was the First Awareness Day of Occupational Risks Prevention carried out by Eiffage Energía, in this case for its employees of the following departments: Centre Area, High Voltage, Renewable Energy and Conscytec. The event’s success has encouraged Eiffage Energía CEO to plan this event in annual bases and for all employees.
The event was aimed to Eiffage Energía Site Managers, Area Directors, Delegates and Health and Safety technicians.
In the other hand, the head of Occupational Safety and Helth (Provincial Direction of Economy, Business and Employment – Junta de Comunidades de Castilla la Mancha), in his speech he talked about the different kinds of responsibilities in which our employees can fall into during the course of the works carried out in the company.
Finally, Eiffage Energía CEO closured the event giving an attendance certificate to every employee there present.
From Eiffage Energía, Head of Associated Prevention Service showed the positive evolution in the workplace accidents descent occurred during the last five years. He also established the waybill to keep on fighting against workplace accidents in the short and medium term.

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