Completion of the project for energy efficiency of the street lighting in Navas del Marqués

At Eiffage Energía, we continue to meet our commitment to energy efficiency, which is present in virtually all the projects we carry out. In this way, we pursue two clear objectives: first, to reduce the future cost of lighting and thus save energy in many municipalities and, secondly, to promote the environmental, political and economic sustainability which the world we inhabit requires.

Along these lines, we have successfully completed work for the improvement of energy efficiency of the street lighting in the town of Navas del Marqués (Avila), an activity contracted and promoted by the Sociedad Pública de Infraestructuras y Medio Ambiente de Castilla y León S.A. (Public Corporation for Infrastructure and Environment of Castilla and León)

During this project, wehave replaced 2050 points of light in this town of the Province of Avila (increasing them to 2314) and we have installed 700 columns and 300 façade support arms. The structural improvement of supports in poor condition, and improved electrical safety through the installation of equipment for electrical protection for people and the installation itself, has also been made.

To carry out these improvements, we used all the new technology’s resources, such as LED type lighting, energy saving lamps, flow reduction systems and, for their control, remote control systems in the command centres.

The Navas del Marqués Plan to Improve Energy Efficiency is added to the successful projects we have carried out in this sector, with outstanding examples such as the renovation of the street lighting system in several municipalities of the Province of Alicante and the installation of the new LED lighting technology for the Madrid-Barajas airport, with which we help to reduce the annual electricity bill by more than 55,500 euros.

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