Eiffage Energía receives recognition from Iberdrola for occupational hazard prevention


Eiffage Energía receives recognition from Iberdrola for the prevention of occupational hazards on 11 February, during the seminar held at Iberdrola Bilbao for the Reading, Measurement and Inspection contractors, Eiffage Energía was presented with a certificate of recognition for having had no accidents in the Measurement contracts for the year 2015. With this gesture, the company's plan for the prevention of occupational hazards, which was reinforced five years ago with the creation of a Joint Prevention Service, is recognised. eiffage-energía-internal-campaign-preventionof-occupational-hazards Up to 25 professionals work exclusively in this service, providing support to all the group's companies for combating unsafe work situations. Since then, Eiffage Energía's accident figures have experienced a remarkable evolution: from 2010 to 2015, the number of accidents resulting in persons off work is -84% , dropping from 139 to 22 accidents. The working days lost have fallen from 2843 to 540. But far from relaxing its attention to prevention measures, the company continues to devote maximum effort and resources to reduce accidents in its activity. This makes Eiffage Energía even more competitive in a sector, like energy and building, which values occupational safety more each day when implementing new projects. In this respect, the company's challenge is to raise awareness among its employees of the importance of these measures in the execution of their work. For Eiffage Energía, optimal security conditions are the key to a successful activity, for which last year its management launched the Awards for Excellence in Health and Safety, which internally reward the workers' good practices in the prevention of occupational hazards. Another initiative for promoting these good practices from the company management is the poster (pictured) distributed in 45 strategic points of Eiffage Energía's delegations, which is changed every month according to the accidents recorded and is, indeed, another way of involving employees in this endeavour.

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