In Eiffage Energía we are committed to energy efficiency

On Saturday 5 March, the world will celebrate the International Energy Efficiency Day. At Eiffage Energía we want to join in on this celebration as we take very seriously the rational use of energy and the effects of climate change on the planet.

As assures our CEO, José Manuel Martínez: “Energy is a common good for all humanity and as such should be available to everyone.” And this is the line that is followed by the company in every project that we undertake and the conviction that guides our activity.

Therefore, all the steps we take in Eiffage Energía look to advancing our commitment to energy efficiency. Without going any further, even before the recent announcement of approval of the Royal Decree requiring energy audits from large enterprises, it has been some time since we instituted these audits in several of our centres and soon we will do so for all of them.

As a result of this, we are going to implement energy saving measures, such as improved thermal insulation or replacing lighting with LED tubes, which will help us in our goal to always work for better energy efficiency.

All these practices are necessary in the circumstances taking place in our world, where energy poverty is a real problem affecting 10% of Spanish households.

As we were reminded in the European Week for Energy Poverty, held between the 17th and 23rd last February, during cold waves the most vulnerable of the population, who tend to live in the worse housing conditions of energy efficiency, suffer from the low temperatures with the consequences to their health. Amongst these consequences are included aggravation of cardiorespiratory diseases and chronic diseases, as well as depression, colds and flus, or even premature death.

While we seem to be socially assimilating this very unfair situation, there is still no regulatory framework that ensures solutions from the government administrations, so the agents involved in the sector must take the responsibility that means us. At Eiffage Energía we are already doing so and we will strive to continue to improve.

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