Eiffage Energía with International Women's Day

It was in 1975 when the UN General Assembly officially declared the 8th of March International Women's Day. Currently, the world commemorates this date to demand gender equality and denounce situations of injustice that still exist in many places. eiffage-energía-internal-journal-blogAt Eiffage Energía, we strive daily to break down the barriers of inequality between women and men. The best example of this is, of course, our female workers, women who stand out for their professionalism in a sector, the energy sector, which previously used to be considered "for men". Among these women our colleague, Ana Morales, stands out, probably the only woman in the whole of Europe who is a member of a live line work team. Ana is the protagonist of the section Our People in the first issue of Eiffage Energía's internal biannual journal, a new channel of communication between employees, management and the various departments and subsidiaries. In it, we publish an interview with this "High Voltage" woman in which she tells of her experiences performing her work in the maintenance department. "I won't change this work for something more comfortable, because I consider myself a good professional," says Ana Morales, who also affirms that she has always received support from her colleagues in the company. In our aim to equalise opportunities between women and men, in 2015 Eiffage Energía and its subsidiaries approved the II Equality Plan, through which we comply with this universal legal principle which is also a fundamental right of the Spanish Constitution. Based on this, our group promotes an effective talent management policy between women and men, as well as measures to reconcile working life with personal and family life and a more balanced distribution of the workforce. In short, at Eiffage Energía we believe in and are building a corporate culture oriented to equality and the prevention of any discriminatory behaviour.

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