New contract awarded to Eiffage Energía in the Glòries Shopping Centre, Barcelona.


Eiffage Energía’s subsidiary, Conscytec, just received the award of a new civil works project. It is the extension and refurbishment of the whole commercial and leisure Glòries Shopping Centre in Barcelona.

Jacobs, one of the biggest suppliers of professional services and construction techniques in the world, has contracted Conscytec to reinforce the structure and carry out the extension of the Centre, located for more than 15 years in a continuously developing urban enclave of the city of Barcelona. To undertake the work, Eiffage Energía, through Conscytec, will provide the necessary technical and administrative personnel and take on the tasks of quality control and health and safety needs.

The architectural proposal, which is in the charge of estudio L35, consists of the opening of a covered space to be adapted as an outdoor area for socialising and leisure. This space will occupy the central square and will extend along the interior Street from the Diagonal up to the Gran Via, covering in addition one of the streets on level -1 to facilitate access from the adjacent street with a direct connection. As L35 assures: “All this will be outlined with great simplicity and clarity, through a design that completely appreciates the formal aspects of the environment.”

According to our forecasts, the part of reinforcing pillars and the structure of the concrete building, of which the building will be started at the end of this year or the beginning of 2017, will be completed within a period of 6 months; as for the forging of the ground floor, it is estimated to be completed by the coming 15 May. The other part, the access to the Gran Vía, will have a duration of 3 months from April onwards.

The aim that motivates this new Eiffage Energía project in Barcelona, which has a total budget over €1,700,000is the improvement and efficiency of the shopping complex, as well as achieving greater savings, improving service and reducing the environmental impact in the area.

Photo: Unibail-Rodamco

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