How should countries move towards a new energy model

How should countries move towards a new energy model? Are sustainability and energy consumption compatible? How should countries proceed to reduce their carbon emissions into the atmosphere for good without compromising their economic development? These and other questions are currently on the table in an international panorama especially concerned about climate change and in which the energy model is more exposed than ever.

To answer these questions, many experts in the field, economic theorists, policy analysts, activists and world leaders, continually debate in international forums to reach common agreements and effective measures. For its part, the International Energy Agency , one of the organisations with greater weight in decisions about the environmental crisis, proposes some keys to move towards a more sustainable energy model.

It does this in a document entitled Energy and Climate Change and these are the measures it suggests:

  • Increase energy efficiency in industry, buildings and transport.
  • Phase out older coal-fired power plants.
  • Significantly increase investment in renewable energy.
  • Phase out subsidies for fossil fuels.
  • Reduce methane emissions from oil and gas extraction.

It can be said that these good intentions, which on one hand will mean a specific cost for each country which will have to be dealt with, are a perfect roadmap for the next climate summit, scheduled for November this year in Morocco.

In addition, other objectives of the Marrakech COP22 are to help developing countries to establish programs against climate change by the year 2020. To achieve this, it is committed to support renewable energy projects in Africa and facilitate the transfer of technology.

From Eiffage Energía we will continue to support the progress of sustainability with our renewable energy projects inside and outside Spain, a process in which all parties have an undeniable responsibility.

Source: Sostenibilidad.com

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