Live Line Work, a fundamental task of Eiffage Energía

At Eiffage Energía we have spent years tackling Live Line Work (LLW), an experience that speaks of our company as specialist in comprehensive projects both inside and outside Spain. Whether it be in High, Medium or Low Voltage, the security, experience and technical skills of our expert team of professionals have been the values that have always made us stand apart and that have allowed us to carry out high-quality works.

So our background in the field of LLW qualifies us today as the maintainers of the distribution networks of the most important electrical companies in our country – Endesa and Iberdrola – as well as one of the leading companies in the development of electrification projects in industrial and residential (urban and rural) areas.

In the provinces of Albacete and Cuenca alone, Eiffage Energía is responsible for the repair and maintenance of 3,900 kilometres of power lines. And this was recently mentioned in the newspaper the Tribuna de Albacete, in a report entitled Live Line Work, which also highlights the integration in one of our brigades of the only woman who is dedicated to LLW in Spain and, most likely in Europe.

Chispas (Sparks), as she is affectionately known by the team, with her team mates carries out a particularly hard job, where the work involves very heavy elements and cables along which thousands of volts circulate; a job, as outlined in the Tribuna, in which the slightest mistake “can be paid for dearly”.

And the thing is that, in order to minimise the impact on households, maintenance and repair of these lines are carried out “live”, i.e. without cutting the power supply. In this way the Eiffage Energía LLW brigades, always respecting the measures of protection required by their work, perform the necessary installation improvements, replace older items with new, safer ones and protect birds from the risk of electrocution. Tasks for which, in our company, they are considered as very valuable workers.

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