Eiffage Energía signs the expansion and upgrading of the facilities of the Penitentiary Centre of Foncalent (Alicante)


The experience, strength and versatility of Eiffage Energía in the development and implementation of large-scale facilities have served the subsidiary of the Eiffage group in the awarding of a new project. On this occasion, the company will be responsible for the installation work, refurbishment and sizing of enforcement modules 5-6-7 in the Foncalent Penitentiary Centre, in Alicante, in addition to the comprehensive refurbishment of modules and waterproofing of roofs of the psychiatric hospital, housed in the same complex.

The implementation of these works, which is scheduled from next September and will have an implementation period of 13 months, responds to the need for expansion and improvement of the centre’s facilities within the plan of conservation and enhancement of the SIEP (Sociedad de Infraestructuras y Equipamientos Penitenciarios company in charge of penitentiary infrastructure and equipment). Along these lines, the centre will be provided with adequate facilities in accordance with the requirements of a residential module of a model centre. With regard to the psychiatric centre, various repairs to elements damaged over time will be made.

The objective is to provide better service to the centre, giving better living conditions to the prisoner with the renovation of existing facilities, improving the state of the units and incorporating safer elements, both in prevention and communication. So, Eiffage Energía will make available to the UTE (Temporary Union of Companies) all the technical staff for planning and implementation of the works and will lead the organisation of production teams, which will be their own and from outside depending on type and specialisation.

With regard to the refurbishment of modules 5-6-7, it is intended to modify the interior spaces of the ground floor, adapting its architecture to the distribution of ground floor of a model centre. Also, various kinds of works will be made in the facilities, including electricity, lighting, plumbing, sanitation, public address, intercom, fire detection and extinction.

Meanwhile, in the penitentiary psychiatric centre will carried out, among others, works for renewal of the waterproofing of the roofs’ concrete joints, renovation of waterproofing of two caissons in Module 2, repairing exterior beam on the porch of the modules, removal of damaged beams and installation of security doors in 4 cells of the acute patients module.

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