Acuaes awards Eiffage Energía the electrical connection of the new Waste Water Treatment Plant in Reza


After a bidding process which involved a total of 12 companies, finally Eiffage Energía has been awarded the works of the electrical connection of the new Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Reza (Ourense) with a budget of 1.5 million euros .

Our customer,  ACUAES (Water Basins Spain), under the Ministry of Agriculture, implemented the construction of the new WWTP in Ourense, which is in the trial phase and has the capacity to treat an average flow rate of 72,192 cubic metres per day, triple the capacity of the existing plant, which will be demolished under the decision of the TSXG (Supreme Court of Justice of Galicia).

Eiffage Energía will manage the electrical connection from the attachment point indicated by UFD (Unión Fenosa Distribución, S.A.), performing the input and output work in underground medium voltage. For its implementation, electric channels made previously will be used, although it will be necessary to make a new piping construction and a new underground line laying, whose main complexity is the Miño River crossing, of 210 metres long and 560 millimetres in diameter, by a directed jacking. In addition, another second jacking, of 40 metres, will cross the N-120 road.

The implementation period for the electrical connection of the new WWTP in Reza by Eiffage Energía is estimated at six months.

Photo: Prensa Acuaes

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