Eiffage Energía has generated 10,000 jobs in Renewable Energy, 70% of which are in Albacete


It is decades since at Eiffage Energía we have pursued a clear objective from which we have not deviated: meeting the demand for clean energy in Spain and abroad and thus helping to comply with the international covenants on renewable energy, which have an end date in the year 2020.

In this worldwide purpose of saving our planet from the climate change through the progressive transition to the production of renewable energy, our company has also achieved an important milestone: the generation of thousands of jobs that depend on our activity and our successes in this field.

In this way, since 1999 to date, Eiffage Energía has managed to create a total of 10,000 jobs linked to our line of business in wind and photovoltaic sources. In addition, of these jobs, 70% have been generated in the province of Albacete, where our headquarters are located.

Translated into figures, Eiffage Energía’s progression of activity in Renewable Energy adds up to 2,827,65 MW of accumulated wind power and 5,373,01 MW of accumulated photovoltaic power, which gives an idea of our incessant activity in recent years and the scale of the projects that we have been awarded.

This experience in renewable energy dates back to 1987, with our participation in the first wind project implemented in Spain, the Ontalafia park in Albacete, which made us a benchmark specialist company. Since then, we have grown to being present in countries such as Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Portugal, Senegal and Morocco.

In the future, this progression will continue to grow, and soon we will continue to report new and important projects in the sector. If you would like to know more about our activity in Renewable Energy , you can look at the following means of reference, where it is reflected:

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