Cestas solar power plant, among the ten largest in the world


A recent media survey published a list of ten solar plants around the world and that are currently the largest on the planet. Among them is the Cestas plant, in France, where Eiffage Energía was responsible for the electrical installation.

Together with solar plants like Solar Star, in California, or Longyangxia, Solar Farm in China, Cestas, located near Bordeaux, is the largest solar PV plant in Europe, with a capacity of 300MW. According to the news report, since October 2015 it has provided power to 300,000 households and covers 2.5 km². Furthermore, it is connected to the French high power grid (Réseau de Transport d’ Electricité – RTE), responsible for supplying power to the whole country.

The Cestas solar power plant is undoubtedly, one of the largest solar power projects undertaken by our company, which also include major facilities such as the Quilapilun solar PV plant in Chile, with 110MW of power and more than 350,000 photovoltaic modules, still under construction; the solar plant in San Andrés in Chile, one of the largest merchant photovoltaic solar plants in the world, and the construction of 18 photovoltaic solar power plants in the United Kingdom from 2013 onwards with a total installed capacity of 140MW.

All this activity in renewable energy has made it possible, as we already reported on our website few days ago, for Eiffage energy to generate since 1999 to date a total of 10,000 jobs linked to wind and photovoltaic sources, 70% of them, moreover, in the province of Albacete.

Source: Notas del Medio Ambiente

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