Countdown to the European Mobility Week 2016

Next September 16th the European Mobility Week 2016 (SEM 2016) will commence. It is an initiative that aims to make the population reflect on the way we move about and raise awareness on sustainable alternatives to ensure a world that is more habitable and, consequently, with a better quality of life.

Institutions are also working in this respect. So, the European Commission has set two main objectives: to gradually phase out diesel cars in cities before 2050 and make a transition to zero-emission urban logistics in major urban centres between now and the year 2030.

Under the slogan “Smart Mobility. Strong Economy”, this year’s Mobility Week aims to highlight the positive impact that smart mobility would have on the economy. These are some of the initiatives that will take place in Spanish cities:

Madrid: As part of the SEM 2016, the Car Free Day will be held on 22nd September. On this day, the Madrid City Council will cut off traffic on the streets of Gran Vía and Alcalá. In addition, on Friday 16th (Parking Day), parking spaces for cars will be used for other activities.

Málaga: On 18th September, Málaga will hold the XIV Edition of Bicycle Day, a day for taking part aimed at citizens of all ages that promotes sustainable mobility and the use of bikes as a form of non-polluting travel.

Vitoria: The Basque capital will also hold a bicycle parade within the SEM 2016, it will be on the 16th and will be held at night. Furthermore it will present the MoveSmart project, an application on learning how to move through the city in a sustainable way.

Castellón: Also, on Sunday 18th a free scavenger hunt on foot to promote commitment to sustainability and raise public awareness about efficient mobility.

The European Mobility Week 2016 will be held until September 22. If you want to know more about Eiffage Energía’s commitment to a more sustainable world, see our line of work in renewable energy.

Source: Magrama

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