Eiffage Energía aims for the distinctive of Excellence in equality, reconciliation and corporate social responsibility

According to the Edenred-IESE reconciliation barometer, productivity in companies can increase by up to 19% if they regularly achieve the work/family reconciliation of their employees. If we add to this datum the results of the barometer in 2015, which warned that 41% of Spanish workers are not satisfied with the reconciliation at work, there arises an urgent need to optimise the company’s commitment in this regard.

At Eiffage Energía reconciliation is one of the keys to our company strategy because we believe in equal opportunities as a fundamental condition to perform solid projects. This feeling is embodied in our Equality Plan, with which we rigorously comply to ensure non-discrimination between men and women who work with us.

Within the Eiffage Energía Equality Plan a balanced distribution of the workforce, the improvement of working conditions through measures to reconcile work life with personal and family life is contemplated, a corporate culture focused on equality and the prevention of any discriminatory behaviour in our workplace. Moreover, not only do we facilitate reconciliation to our employees, but we want this to form part of our peculiarity as a company and to serve as an example to other companies in Castilla La Mancha.

The results obtained since the implementation of this Equality Plan speak for themselves: the implementation of our measures for reconciliation is bearing the fruits we expected, in a greater commitment from our employees, a high rate of loyalty, significant savings in costs of absenteeism and even an improved working environment and our company image in the sector.

With all this ground covered and being aware of the steps that have yet to be given, we look for recognition for our group in the field of reconciliation. For that reason, Eiffage Energía currently is aiming for the distinctive in Excellence in equality, reconciliation and corporate social responsibility from the Women’s Institute of Castilla La Mancha in 2016. 

In addition, and regardless of the award of this contest, at Eiffage Energía we continue to defend the equality of men and women at work and investing in this being a reality in all sectors.

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