This is the new Eiffage Energía International Department.

The process of expanding our business outside Spain is continuing successfully. What began in the Amareleja photovoltaic plant in Portugal, has, eight years later, ended up being a genuine internationalisation plan thanks to which Eiffage Energía now has a presence in three continents. First Europe, then Latin America with the opening of subsidiaries in Chile and Brazil and, recently, Africa, have opened their doors wide to our different business lines with excellent results.

This non-stop growth has begun to call for impeccable management by our company. For this purpose it was decided to create a new Eiffage Energía International Department, which is already operational and is located in Madrid and  whose main mission is to provide administrative, legal, HR and financial support to all operational departments working on the company’s international projects, both High Voltage and Renewable Energy.

As for those relating to High voltage, it will take charge of coordinating technical and commercial activities in the geographical areas of Africa and Latin America and consolidating project studies for Overhead Transmission Lines, Underground Lines and Substations. Furthermore, it will be responsible for the development of networking  with partners, suppliers, subcontractors, engineering firms and local authorities and will perform the kickoff  of the projects and coordination of the same, in addition to the commercial follow up of customers, taking into perspective the business continuity of the company in the international market in a sustainable way.

With regard to projects in renewable energy, the new department will support the Renewable Energy Section which, in turn, has extensive international experience dating back to 2008.

For all the above, the Eiffage Energía International Department has a highly experienced and qualified team, whose background in the sector ranges from the legal and contractual setting up of international projects, as well as their accounting and administrative management, to technical and commercial management of EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) power projects.

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