Spain could convert solar energy into its very own ‘oil’

In the words of Jorge Morales de Labra, vice president of the Fundación Renovables (Renewable Energy Foundation) “Andalusia in particular and Spain are the areas of highest solar radiation in Continental Europe”. This fact could convert solar energy into Spain’s oil.

Currently, virtually all the energy consumed in Spain is imported. This makes our country have a huge energy dependence, especially on oil. Some years ago, Spain was the leading developer of solar energy on the planet. However, today we are positioned among the lowest.

This clashes with the fact that Europe is still the continent that produces most solar energy. Countries with a more adverse climate like the United Kingdom and Germany, produce more photovoltaic energy than Spain.

The price of the KWh should also be highlighted. In Spain one can pay up to 30 cents per KWh. However, in countries like Chile or Mexico, the kilowatt/hour costs less than 5 cents of a euro. And even in Dubai there are projects in which the KWh is around 3 cents.

The vice president of the Fundación Renovables’s opinion is that this is due mostly to our use of outdated technology. Furthermore, Morales de Labra alleges that the solar energy in our country is “unstoppable”, because “it is an energy that is competitive without need of support and which is cleaner and accessible.”

In Eiffage Energía we are firmly committed to renewable energy. We have become one of the benchmark companies in the construction of photovoltaic installations not only in Spain but also internationally.

We are specialists in BOS and EPC modalities as well as 360 º projects. We cover from the design of the installation to optimisation of the same, the civil engineering and the supply of all the necessary material.

Over the years, Eiffage Energía has expanded its international presence. The development of international projects began in 2008 with the construction of the Amareleja solar plant in Portugal. Currently we have several installations outside Spain, such as the 19 photovoltaic plants in the UK or the works in Latin America among which the Quilapilún solar plant stands out. This has made our technical team become a group with a high degree of experience that guarantees the quality and success of any project.

Source: El Economista..

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