Two workers from Eiffage Energía are among the winners of the photography contest “The Force of Nature”

Recently we have heard the verdict of the “The force of Nature” awards, the internal photography competition organised by Eiffage within the framework of the National Strategy for Biodiversity, with which the company has wished to show its involvement in the care of the environment and biodiversity.

The topics of the contest were adverse climatic events, landscapes, the resistance of animals and vegetation in extreme conditions and the production of energy from the sun, wind and water.

Amongst those awarded stand out the works of two of our colleagues from Eiffage Energía, Dena Villanueva and Manuel Sánchez Marín Flores, from Ambitec. The 24 winning photographs, which have been used to illustrate each month of the EIFFAGE 2017 calendar, were:


First Prize

– Boue sulfurique | Christine Granier (Eiffage Route)
– Aigle&pigeon | Vicente Javier Moreno Garcia (Eiffage Énergie)
– Aurora Boreal | Montse Riera (Eiffage Infraestructuras)
– Compères d’attelage | Hervé Lecomte (Eiffage Génie Civil)
– Ice on black beach | Joost Van Dun (Smulders)
– Cascade Gelée | Michel Ballet (Eiffage Construction)
– Aglomeracion | Javier Ruiz Carretero (Eiffage Infraestructuras)
– Mont Ventoux | Frédéric Collot (Eiffage Énergie)
– L’œil de la Terre | Marianne Damaisin (Eiffage Construction)
– Massif des anapurnas | Léo Sensi (Eiffage Construction)
– Voie sans issue | Éric Caillon (Eiffage)
– Pointe Gele | Ingrid Farge (Eiffage Énergie)

Second Prize

– Giant’s Causeway | Dena Villanueva (Eiffage Énergie)
– Bain douche | Erwan Marecau (Eiffage Énergie)
– Survie des cactus | Gilles Temple (Eiffage Concessions)
– La force de la glace | Marie-Claire Albert (APRR)
– Equilibrio | Manuel Sanchez Marin Flores f. (Eiffage Énergie)
– Renaissance | Laure Farci (Eiffage Énergie)
– Givre matinal | Alexandre Pernot (APRR)
– Stalactites | Virginie Delor (Eiffage Énergie)
– Eau s’imposant dans le désert | Olivier Miens (Eiffage Concessions)
– Entre sable et pics rocheux | Nathalie Zucchini (APRR)
– Rêve de sommets | Éric Wurmser (Eiffage Construction)
– Crue de la seine | Thierry Vanderlekem (Eiffage Génie Civil)

The first twelve winners will also receive a prize of 500 euros in gift vouchers. The rest will also receive a prize of 250 euros in gift vouchers.

This competition is also a reminder of the importance of the good use of our resources and of how Eiffage has a commitment to them on which it must keep working.

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