Eiffage Energía will implement the installation of 117 solar greenhouses in France

Eiffage Energía will be the company responsible for implementing, within a period of six months, a major project which consists of the installation of 117 solar greenhouses with a total power of 11.7 MWp, in the province of Herault, in the region of Occitania, in France.

Each greenhouse has a power of 100 KW and inside various crops will be cultivated, such as vegetables, legumes and fruit trees.

Each installation has a system of drainage with a double function: on the one hand it is capable of collecting rain water and leading it through pipes to storage pools keeping the location clean; and, on the other hand, the stored water is used for irrigation of the crops.
The total area of the greenhouses is about 200,000 square metres of floor area.
Solar greenhouses originally come from the North of China and their use is not very common at world level. They operate in the same way as other types of greenhouses, except that this particular greenhouse accumulates thermal energy on its opaque surfaces and on the floor, which is slowly released overnight, keeping the temperatures favourable for cultivation.

Eiffage Energía has extensive experience in the implementation of solar projects, being one of the leading companies in the construction of photovoltaic installations in BOS and EPC mode, in Spain and at international level.


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