Ambitec is awarded a ventilation and refrigeration project

Eiffage Energía, through its subsidiary Ambitec, has been awarded the project of ventilation and refrigeration installation of the paper coating industrial unit of S.A. Industries Cellulose Aragonesa, Burgo de Ebro (Zaragoza). The project, which is already being carried out, will have an implementation period of eight months.

The work performed on the ventilation will be mainly:

  • Installation of 4.6 Mw cold water production through water-water cooling plants with closed cooling towers.
  • Installation of free-cooling for production of cold water.
  • Ventilation and extraction units of the industrial unit with 600,000 m3/h flow rate control.
  • Air distribution through aluminium pipes.
  • Installation with variable water flow rate.
  • Cooling of electrical rooms with overpressure using purified air.
  • Air conditioning and ventilation of offices, control rooms and changing rooms using fan coils.
  • Continual supply of cold water for processing.
  • Centralised Technical Management System.
  • Complete monitoring of the energy management system.

This subsidiary is dedicated to mechanical installations developing its activity in the tertiary and industrial sector. It is established throughout the country and has branches in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and its headquarters are located in Zaragoza.

It occupies benchmark positions in:

  • Centralised technical management systems.
  • Installations maintenance.
  • Energy efficiency projects.
  • Projects and assembly of mechanical installations, specialising in air conditioning.

Projects that back it up have been developed in various sectors such as hospitals, schools, theatres, cinemas, television or radio studios, hotels or offices, among many others.

It also covers numerous business areas, including projects and mechanical installations, installation automation, maintenance or projects and management solutions and energy efficiency.