EIFFAGE ENERGÍA has taken part in the project to improve the electricity network of Las Hurdes

Eiffage Energía has participated in the project of renewal of the electric network of the region of Las Hurdes, in the province of Caceres, where the company Iberdrola is making a significant investment, with the aim of improving the quality of the electricity supply.

Specifically, Eiffage Energía has been in charge of the renewal of the medium voltage air power line between the towns of Riomalo de Arriba and Las Mestas.

The works have consisted of changing 15 kilometres of medium-voltage air power line with the line in service between the mentioned localities, passing through the localities of Ladrillar and Cabezo. The existing line has been replaced and, taking advantage of the layout, the new line has been made, without stopping the electricity supply.

This is a complicated area as there was a need to take advantage of the existing layout to minimise the environmental impact because of the geographical difficulty posed by the 10 kilometres of access through mountainous terrain.

Specialisation in Quality of Service

At Eiffage Energía, since our beginning we have been committed to specialising in the maintenance of electricity companies’ low and medium voltage distribution networks, an activity which has allowed us to establish ourselves throughout the national territory over the years.

The level of quality and risk prevention required by our customers in this activity allows us to improve as a business everyday, maintaining the firm commitment to achieving the highest standards.

This initiative, which also provides a boost to the regional economy thanks to local contracting, aims to improve the quality of the electricity service Iberdrola provides to its customers in Extremadura.


Iberdrola Video – Hurdes Project

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