EIFFAGE ENERGÍA, one of the leading EPC companies in the market

Eiffage Energía has become one of the leading EPC companies in wind farms and photovoltaic plants having more experience and strength in the market.

EPC is the acronym for Engineering, Procurement and Construction. Therefore, an EPC company is one that offers all the services related to the design, the necessary supplies and the construction of any project related, in this case, to renewable energies.

With the “Turnkey” or EPC method, the traditional three-way relationship between client, engineer and contractor disappears, replacing it with a single relationship between the client and the contractor, in which the latter, together with its traditional functions related to equipment supply, construction and implementation, also assumes the engineering of the project.

360º Projects

In this way, at Eiffage Energía we put our technological capacity at the service of the customer at any stage of a wind or photovoltaic project to offer a global service that includes civil engineering, the electromechanical work and all the electrical infrastructures necessary for the evacuation of the generated energy.

We are specialised in 360º projects, covering the design of installations, the supply of materials needed for their construction (modules, inverters, structure, etc.), the civil engineering and the optimisation of the photovoltaic installations to reach maximum performance of the plant and achieve its highest profitability.

Eiffage Energía, which was one of the pioneer companies in the construction of the first wind farms in Spain, is currently the leader in the implementation of wind energy projects worldwide.

Since 2008, when we started the process of internationalisation of the company with the realisation of renewable energy projects, we have now consolidated our international presence in countries such as: Chile, Poland, UK, Belgium, France, Portugal, Senegal, Morocco, etc.

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