Stoneshill Solar Farm: the latest photovoltaic plant built by Eiffage Energía

Eiffage Energía continues to add projects to its already ample portfolio. This time the protagonist is Stoneshill Solar Farm, a 5 MW photovoltaic plant that was launched last 17 March. Located in the south of England, in the county of Devon, it was energised after 35 days of work.

The work carried out in it is related to Civil Engineering (fencing, roads, trench and footings for transformer stations), Electric Work (LV Wiring, Level 1 Box Assembly, HV Wiring, TS Assembly) and Monitoring and security system.

In this same area we must highlight the construction of another photovoltaic plant: that in Beziers. It is still being implemented, and it is an installation of 117 solar greenhouses with a total power of 11.7 MW. It is located very close to the French town of Beziers, in the region of Occitania.

Each one of the greenhouses has a power of 100 KW and, in their interior, there will be various crops, such as vegetables, legumes and fruit trees. In addition, a drainage system with double functionwill be used. That is to say, on the one hand, it will collect water from the rain and will lead it through pipes to storage pools keeping the location clean, and, on the other hand, the stored water will be used for irrigation of the crops.

In April they finished the work of:

-Ramming: correctly inserting the 7746 HEA

–          Construction: 117 correctly assembled and upright greenhouses

–          Electrics: 44928 PV modules installed, wired and connected = 11.7 MWp

–          CONSUEL Validated for the 117 greenhouses

–          15 MV transformers installed

Currently the tasks of MV trenches (ENEDIS) (French electricity company) greenhouse enclosures (plastics nets, polycarbonate, Ondex ducts) and electromechanics (greenhouse motorisations) are still being implemented. The LAUNCH is scheduled for late July of this year.

Eiffage Energía began its process of internationalisation in 2008 carrying out the process of construction of the solar plant in Amareleja (Portugal), with a power of 45 MW. It was considered, at that time, as the largest and most innovative project in the world.

With these latest actions, Eiffage Energía has already participated in the construction of a total of 63 photovoltaic solar plants and has installed about 1200 MW, figures of which we are very proud.

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