EIFFAGE ENERGÍA strengthens its position in the electro-medical market

With the creation of the trademark  Eiffage Biomedical  and the incorporation of more than 70 highly qualified professionals, between engineers and technical specialists with extensive experience in the electro-medical sector, Eiffage Energía is accelerating its growth focussing on technology.

In this way, the company is assuming a leading position in the maintenance of electro-medical equipment, offering a quality service to many public and private health centres.

Eiffage Energía provides comprehensive solutions that guarantee the proper use, good conservation and durability of the equipment, maximizing its useful life, and availability, always preserving the safety of patients and users.

It offers solutions for most of the electro-medical, equipment families, which can be classified into equipment for operating rooms, laboratories, haemodialysis, general diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, monitoring and life support, therapeutic, analytical, safety, biological, etc.

The services and solutions offered by  Eiffage Biomedical are:

  1. Comprehensive management of the equipment.
    2. Biomedical engineering
    3. Technical and economic assessment of the equipment.
    4. Inspections and calibrations.
    5. Consulting Services
    6. Supply studies for Centres.
    7. Electro-medical Equipment inventory management.
    8. Logistics management of supplies.
    9. Quality controls

The main references and customers in this area that Biomedical count on at present are:

Grupo Sanitas
Grupo IDC Salud
Unión de Mutuas.
Several hospitals in the Valencian Community (Clínico, Pesset, Sagunto…)
Molina de Segura Hospital
AMA (Agrupación Mutual Aseguradora)
FISABIO (Fundación para el Fomento de la Investigación Sanitaria Biomédica)– Ophthalmological Centre
Tenerife Primary Healthcare Centre

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