Quilapilún has been inaugurated, the large-scale Solar Plant built by EIFFAGE ENERGÍA in Chile

Chilean ministers of Energy, Andrés Rebolledo and of Environment, Marcelo Mena, have inaugurated the Quilapilún Solar Plant in Chile, at a ceremony also attended by the director of Eiffage Energía Chile, Javier García Cruzado. Thus ends this Turnkey project, which makes this solar plant one of the benchmark works in Latin America.

The photovoltaic solar plant, located in the municipality of Colina, in the metropolitan region of Chile, covers an area of​250 hectares. Quilapilún, the first large-scale solar park, is already in operation and generates enough energy to supply approximately 110,000 households. Eiffage Energía Chile has been responsible for the implementation of all its civil engineering infrastructure, including earthworks, roads, personnel and administrative facilities and access to plants. It also performed the work of mechanical assembly and electrical installation as well as testing and implementation of the installation. .

The construction of the Quilapilún Photovoltaic Plant (110 MW) makes it one of the largest in Latin America. It has 350,000 solar panels installed that will generate 243 GWh of energy per year, and which also will avoid the annual emission of 125,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the equivalent of removing 22,000 cars from the streets of Santiago.

The site chosen for the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement

Last April, Michelle Bachelet, President of the Republic of Chile, visited the work site of the plant. There, in the foundations of the installation, she took advantage of the situation to sign the agreement document promulgating the Paris Climate Agreement. A signature that seeks to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030 and boost non-conventional renewable energies.

The solar plant joins other major energy projects Eiffage has in the country of Chile. The 4500 tracker structures implanted, 2000 kms of cable laid and a team of over 30 engineers and technicians have made possible the largest solar park in the metropolitan region of Chile, which, added to the more than 600 workers in the field, place the Quilapilún solar park on the map of renewable energy.

The photovoltaic plant, located very near to Santiago, is connected to the SIC (Central Interconnection System) so that the central region of the country has access to clean energy. A great success in the development of renewable energy in Latin America.

Eiffage Energía’s presence on five continents contributes to strengthening the company’s presence on a global level. Specifically in Chile, the Quilapilún Solar Plant is added to the Huatacondo photovoltaic plant, the Javiera Photovoltaic Park or the Wind Farm of Punta Palmeras among many others. Each one of them has made possible Eiffage Energía’s international expansion in the field of renewable energy.

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