Eiffage Energía continues its international expansion with a new subsidiary in Jamaica

Eiffage Energía has set foot in America to stay. This time, the Group’s latest venture has been set up in Jamaica. In the island’s capital, Kingston, the company will establish its new subsidiary as part of its international expansion, thus consolidating its position as a domestic and global benchmark.

Targets first, and then progression. Always with marked objectives, Eiffage Energía Group has set its sights on advancing its internationalisation process, implementing projects thanks to 30 years of experience in the management and commissioning of national and international projects.

A team of dedicated professionals, with 2,200 staff in 30 branches around the world, all contribute their experience and provide a 360° service in each project.

Subsidiaries of Eiffage Energía

Backed by a Group with more than 170 years of experience, Eiffage Energía has consolidated its presence on five continents thanks to its various subsidiaries located in Latin America and Spain. On the other side of the pond,  Eiffage Energía Chile (specialising in the field of energy, civil engineering, and construction), Eiffage Energía Peru and Eiffage Energía Mexico, all contribute towards increasing the company’s projection. Soon, the new Jamaica subsidiary will add to these branches on the American continent.

Eiffage Energía has three subsidiaries at national level. In the services and industrial sectors, Ambitec, is the subsidiary dedicated to mechanical facilities and air conditioning. Inelbo specialises in all types of interior installations and electrical maintenance. And finally, Conscytec , operates in the implementation and management of the building and civil engineering sectors.

Little by little and with constant work, the Eiffage Energía has become a domestic and international benchmark expanding each of its business lines into new markets around the world.

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