Eiffage Energía begins construction of the new head office in Spain, located in Albacete

Coinciding with the Feria de Albacete (Albacete’s Fair) which starts on 7 September, works for Eiffage Energía’s new head office will also begin, which, according to plans, will conclude in September 2018. So the starting signal is given for Albacete’s big fiesta and the enlargement and refurbishment of the head office in Albacete.

Being one of the companies of Castilla-La Mancha with the most potential, Eiffage Energía has more than 30 offices and a workforce of over 2,500 employees, 800 in Castilla – La Mancha and of those, about 700 in Albacete. With over 170 years of experience to back it up, it operates in electricity infrastructures, installations, maintenance, electro-medicine, renewable energy, civil engineering and construction in the five continents becoming a national and international benchmark.

Through its seven subsidiaries Eiffage Energía develops major projects and activities worldwide. Eiffage Energía Chile, Eiffage Energía Mexico, Eiffage Energía Peru, and recently created Eiffage Energía Jamaica constitute the conglomerate of subsidiaries of the Eiffage Energía Group in the Americas. The remaining three are based on Spanish territory; Ambitec, Inelbo and Conscytec are specialists in mechanical, electrical installations, civil engineering and construction, respectively.

This has been a very special and important year for Eiffage Energía as it is developing national and international projects of great relevance and the enlargement and refurbishment of the head office in Albacete is one of them.

Eiffage Energía works every day to meet the needs of its customers and of the group of professionals who are part of the Company on the five continents. A step by step made day by day with enthusiasm to achieve all the objectives to be met and those that are still to be made.

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