Eiffage Energía signs a Comprehensive Maintenance contract for the Miguel Hernández University of Alicante

Recently, Eiffage Energía has signed a new contract awarded for comprehensive maintenance for newly equipping the Miguel Hernández University (HMU) of Alicante for 1.688.000€. The agreement signed covers the general installations of the 72 buildings spread across the four campuses that make up the university and that are located in the cities of Elche, San Juan, Orihuela and Altea, all in the province of Alicante and with a floor area of 211,000 m2.

The field of comprehensive maintenance forms one of the lines of activity in which Eiffage Energía operates. A business line that defines the strategy of the Company on the subject of comprehensive maintenance in installations and buildings and other services like cleaning and gardening.

The service provided, according to the contract signed, involves a workforce of 38 people made up of electricians, refrigeration technicians, builders, plumbers, carpenters, draughtsmen and administrative assistants covering the maintenance of the following installations:

  • Electrical
    • Air Conditioning
    • Plumbing DHW and DW
    • Fire Detection
    • Fire Fighting
    • Building
    • Carpentry
    • Acts of Protocol

Due to the amplitude of the contract, a very significant amount of equipment (emergency lighting, electrical panels, lifts, detectors …) is handled with a total of approximately 20,000 units of equipment integrating the installations maintained.

The large number of buildings that make up the University Campus and the diversity of degree programs taught in it, make the maintenance of these buildings special because of the particularities and uses that each one of them presents and requires. For example, the Altabix building of 21000 m2 is assigned to Lecture Rooms; other buildings require special lighting conditions and climate due to their facilities being dedicated to research on genetically modified animals, and there are also many other departmental and sports buildings.

To perform maintenance work, Eiffage Energía has vehicles of different types such as vans, buggies, motorcycles, bicycles, …; which together with all the equipment allows workers to attend to matters in a personalised way and manage incidents effectively to optimally ensure the best service for Eiffage Energía’s customers.

The comprehensive maintenance department of the Group has been evolving and improving the area organisation and the way of operating in more than 3,000 buildings maintained with more than 300 workers including engineers, managers and maintenance officers.


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