Eiffage Energía will perform the work of the electrical and special installations of the Iberdrola Campus in San Agustín de Guadalix in Madrid.

The works to be performed will consist of the implementation of LOT 10 Electricity and Special Installations within PHASE II of the Iberdrola Campus located about one kilometre south of the town of San Agustín de Guadalix (Madrid).

The new campus will consist of eight buildings as well as other areas for communal facilities and is seen as one of Iberdrola’s major projects in the coming years. In addition, this Campus will be part of a project that will house a Training and Events Centre and a Work Centre. Currently the works of phase I (Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8) are completed and are in use.

Eiffage Energía will be responsible for performing the work of Iberdrola Campus’ electrical and special installations of the Buildings 4 (additional actions), 5, 6 and 7, which correspond to phase II. These installations will consist of:


o Electrical Panels
o Wiring
o Pipes
o Emergency Interior Lighting
o Lighting Control System
o Mechanisms and Workplaces
o Lightning Protection System
o Solar Photovoltaic Installation of 40.8 kWp on the Campus roof


o Fire Detection
o Voice and Data Installation
o Public Address System
o Call System and Assisted Bathroom Signposting

The Campus is designed to be the backbone of knowledge of the entire Iberdrola Group. A meeting point for the exchange of the multinational’s knowledge, experience and best practices. Designed as a centre of prestige open to the outside, the Iberdrola Campus is oriented as a space of knowledge and innovation for training, holding of Conventions, Seminars, Conferences and Work Meetings, available to companies and professionals from around the world.

It will occupy an 18-hectare estate and will be a space designed for training, teamwork, and the generation of new ideas and strategies. This will be one of Eiffage Energía ‘s latest projects in the matter of electrical installations.

In addition, Eiffage Energía remains one of the leading suppliers of Iberdrola in electrical lines of low and medium voltage. The latest contract includes the maintenance of the LV and MV lines, the installation of new energy meters, carrying out live line work on MV networks, and the meter reading for Iberdrola’s entire distribution network.