Eiffage Energía to improve the passport control zone at Alicante-Elche airport

The awarding of this work to Eiffage Energía to be performed from its territorial office in Levante, is already underway to renew the passport control area where a large flow of passengers converges.

Eiffage Energía will be performing these works at Alicante-Elche airport under the management of AENA, and in a JV (Joint Venture) with Sigma Infraestructuras SL. to improve and expand the queuing areas for non-Schengen passport control.

The works at the AENA passport control passenger confluence area will have a duration of eight months with a tender amount of €1,116,800. The project will be managed from the Company’s territorial office in the Levante region.

Currently, there is not enough queueing room for passengers in the passport control area, leading to long queues into the access corridors that cross with the Automatic Border Control (ABC) queues with no space to organise them. Furthermore, there are no toilets on the way from the aircraft to the passport control booths, and accordingly, the designs include a toilet block in that area.

Through the joint venture, Eiffage Energía will expand the passport control area. To improve the organization of the queues, the first storey floor slab will be extended, eliminating the existing empty space in the trolley area. Specifically, the false ceiling of the ground floor will be removed to allow the first-floor slab to be expanded and thus make the most of this space.

The following actions are planned in the implementation of the works:

– Temporary partitioning in the sections of the facilities that must remain in operation to allow services to be maintained in other areas.

– Dismantling and removal of facilities that interfere with the work zones.

– Construction of the structure in the area to be expanded using the existing pillars as supports for the new works.

– Once the structure is built, the utilities networks of the new extended zone will be installed.

– Construction of toilet block for women, men and people with reduced mobility

– Once the utilities are installed, the false ceilings, coatings and enclosures of the new extension area will be fitted.

– Replacement of the current ceiling in the existing area, and assembly of the new type of false ceiling with high-efficiency led lighting fittings.

– Planning and construction of mobile partitions and barriers for organising queues.

The refurbishment and expansion of this passport control area adds to the actions already carried out by Eiffage Energía for AENA such as the installation of new lighting technologies at Barajas Airport Terminals , installation of the new medium voltage network at Reus airport or the maintenance  of Albacete airport, a contract that is still in force, among other projects.


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