Eiffage Energía in the Energy and Heating special supplementary of the Tribuna de Albacete online newspaper

Taking stock at the end of each year becomes customary when there is the assurance of having done things well. So it has been for Eiffage Energía, which, following in the wake of all these years presents a positive overview of the year that is about to end.

José Manuel Martínez, CEO of Eiffage Energía for over eleven years, has shared an interesting talk in La Tribuna de Albacete, in particular in the special supplementary on Heating and Energy to talk about the evolution of the company and the anticipation of future projects that lie ahead.

Among the latest incorporations that the Eiffage Group has carried out in 2017 are the opening of Eiffage Energía’s new Head Offices in Albacete and the signing of new contracts for the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic energy installations, as well as the extension of the framework contract for the maintenance of the low voltage and medium voltage electrical lines of Iberdrola’s distribution network, among others. Important future challenges that make the company one of the leading EPC companies on the market.


There was time during the interview to highlight the projects and new contracts in national territory, the creation of the Biomedical trademark and the role of the subsidiaries in the different fields where they operate. Likewise can be added the insistence on improvement in the matter of occupational hazard prevention and keeping an eye on interesting projects such as the wind farm in Senegal. The whole summary of actions and practices make Eiffage Energía one of the leading of Castilla-La Mancha companies.

Eiffage Energía has served more than 14 years in the Spanish market and is today one of the EPC companies for wind farms and photovoltaic plants with more experience and commitment in the sector. Steps forward to advance in the expansion strategy all over the world.

You can read the full interview here(pages 6-7).

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