Eiffage Energía renews its vehicle fleet with Volkswagen

In its ongoing process of updating and expansion, Eiffage Energía has carried out an expansion and renewal plan of its vehicle fleet throughout this year. Recently, it has updated its set of vehicles with Passat and Golf models of the Volkswagen firm at an event where 35 cars have been delivered to various regional directors and company head office directors.

The work of the Vehicle Fleet Department and Purchasing Department of Eiffage Energía has effected a change of mentality and modernisation of the Company’s existing set of vehicles. This update program of the vehicle fleet meets energy targets for energy saving and environmental conservation.

Currently, Eiffage Energía is also conducting a study on incorporating electric and hybrid vehicles in certain local offices while incorporating energy efficiency criteria in other new vehicles regarding Euro6 emission standards or of rating on energy efficiency. To which is also added the training plan in efficient driving for all staff, with which it is intended to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, and improve driving safety.

Throughout the whole of this year a total of 10 insulated lifting platforms for live line work, five of them being telescopic and five being articulated, and 10 truck-mounted cranes with fixed box, all property of Eiffage Energía, have been renovated. New measures, under the criteria of energy saving in the labelling of tyres and the elaboration of new vehicle fleet maintenance plans, have also been taken.

The measures taken add to the confirmation of the responsibility that the Eiffage Energía Group values in being a benchmark in the construction of a more efficient planet and in being committed to the generation of clean energies.

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