Eiffage Energía’s commitment

Only one word but full of significance. The term commitment is the essence of a task requiring an involvement with the environment, with our customers and the efficient use of energy. As a national and international benchmark in this matter, Eiffage Energía works every day on this task of commitment in all areas where it operates.

Eiffage Energía’s responsibility can be seen in the development of all activities in their different areas, but it is also reflected in this creativity of commitment that inspires respect for the environment and with which it leads to a more sustainable future.

Each one of the Company’s lines of activity are reflected in this creativity. The design integrates each one of them: electrical infrastructure, maintenance, renewable energy, installations, civil engineering and construction and electro-medicine, projecting a company image involved with a project that looks to energy efficiency by providing energy to the future.

The commitment chart was created based on the turn-key or EPC  concept through draughtmanship illustration technique as is usually done in the engineering and architectural sectors. An EPC company is one that builds, offers, designs and provides the services of a project related to renewable energy, and in which Eiffage Energía wanted to put across its commitment to deadlines, budgets, quality and energy efficiency applied to each one of its business lines.

With red as the corporate colour and based on its reference typography, the Company’s task was reflected on a background of recycled paper which illustrated the commitment to the sustainability of the planet.

In addition, the Eiffage Energía Group carries the banner in social responsibility policies; quality, environment, energy, safety and health management to ensure the safety of their workers. Prevention and training is the foundation to minimize risks and accidents.

To these policies, which credit the environmental, social and labour commitment, must be added the certificateswhich reaffirm the understanding with quality and efficiency and with all fundamental factors that provide energy to the future of all.

From Eiffage Energía we offer optimal solutions to meet the most demanding needs in each of the lines where we operate. From the conceptualization of the project until its implementation, delivery, operation and maintenance, we are designing a future of quality which coexists with cleaner energy and which ensures the accomplishment of a turn-key project.