Eiffage Energía adheres to the Program of the Spanish Institute for Women’s Affairs

Last Friday the monitoring committee of the agreement for raising awareness against gender-based violence was established. In this manner, Eiffage Energía joins the initiative “Companies and entities of Castilla-La Mancha for a society without violence against women” by signing this agreement embodied in the Program of the Spanish Institute for Women’s Affairs.

The Spanish Institute for Women’s Affairs in the region launches this Program that includes raising awareness and collaboration of the social and economic agents for the dissemination of campaigns on gender-based violence and for the employability of women victims of violence in situation of unemployment.

Together with Amiab and Tecon Soluciones Informáticas, Eiffage Energía is one of three companies from Albacete adhering to this Program for new actions for social awareness and gender equality. The committee newly established by the JCCM (Regional Goverment of the Castilla la Mancha Communities) and headed by Mercedes Márquez, provincial director of the Spanish Institute for Women’s Affairs, works to raise awareness against gender-based violence through the dissemination of preventive actions focusing on this area.

The EE persons responsible on this committee undertook to draw up a plan of action measures for raising awareness, measures which will focus on training, information and dissemination of the campaigns against gender-based violence that the Regional Government of Communities promotes.

For the Eiffage Energía Group, equality between men and women is one of the priorities within the social responsibility policy. Equality in treatment and opportunities are materialized in the Eiffage Energía’s Equality Plan II published in the B:O:E: (Spanish Official Gazette) on 13 April 2015.

The Equality Plan includes improvements in working conditions through measures to reconcile work life with personal and family life. At the same time, it implements a corporate culture directed at equality and the prevention of any discrimination in the workplace.

In the last three years a total of 92 women have been incorporated into Eiffage Energía’s team, which means 42.4% of qualified female employment and where 50% of management positions are held by women. An equalization in central services.

Eiffage Energía adheres to these types of initiatives for giving visibility to and working at raising awareness with regard to these issues. Collaborating in the different campaigns and actions aimed at raising awareness and the prevention of gender-based violence is a must to eliminate any type of discriminatory element. At Eiffage Energía we continue to work for a society without violence against women.

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