Eiffage Energía signs new maintenance contracts in Valencia

As a benchmark company in the national territory specialised in maintenance, Eiffage Energía carries on adding new awards. The comprehensive maintenance department has been active for over 30 years and has evolved and improved over this time.

In this recently started year 2018, Eiffage Energía has signed new comprehensive maintenance contracts in various hospitals in Valencia which we detail below::

-Comprehensive maintenance of the Malvarrosa University Clinic Hospital in Valencia, Public Health and Health Centres pertaining to the Health Department of the Regional Health Ministry of the Valencian Community, which occupies about 132,000 m2.

-Comprehensive -maintenance of Sagunto Hospital  and Health Centres also under the same Health Department of the Regional Ministry and occupying a floor area of 70,000 m2.

-Comprehensive maintenance of Orihuela Hospital and Health Centres also pertaining to the same Department. This one occupying a floor area of 57,000 m2.

The comprehensive maintenance of all these contracts covers all the electrical installations, HVAC, fire protection installations, lift equipment, communication and telephony, pneumatic tubes, ICUs high risk rooms, operating theatres, plumbing and other jobs such as carpentry, glasswork, painting, etc.). In addition, each one of them adds to the already definite comprehensive maintenance contract for electro-medical equipment with the Universitary Doctor Peset Hospital in Valencia.

In short, Eiffage Energía will provide the Regional Ministry a total of more than 70 technicians for all these new maintenance contracts.

The new awards signed make the company a benchmark company in the sector of technical comprehensive maintenance and building and in electro-medical equipment maintenance. Eiffage Energía produces and provides a service of high added value in various areas such as hospitals, individual buildings, such as universities or airports, shopping centres, satisfying first level customers both in the public and private sector.

As a whole, the Grupo Eiffage Energía provides services of predictive and preventive maintenance, technical-legal maintenance, conductive and corrective maintenance, modification and energy maintenance. Where, from each one of its territorial departments, it integrates and stabilises all activities to be able to continue growing in all the markets where it operates.


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