Eiffage’s capital increase reserved for workers in the Group


Eiffage Energía’s workers can now become part of the company’s shareholding. In 2018, Grupo Eiffage has issued new shares offered exclusively to all its employees with preferential conditions, such as a 20% discount off the Eiffage share price, or the management costs which will be at the expense of Grupo Eiffage, among others. The subscription period has been open since 19 March and will end on 16 April. This is the third year this participation for all company employees is offered in Spain.

Eiffage Energía and its subsidiaries’ employees will be able to participate for another year provided that they have been with the company since before the 14 January of this same year. In this way, the workers may form part of the shareholding and benefit from  many of its advantages.

Other aspects to take into account for the corporate subscription is that the subscriptions will be registered by the HR Department and AMUNDI Asset Management will be the entity that manages the fund. This year, the advance that the company can give for the subscription is of €1,000 to be returned in 8 months from May to December. The maximum investment per employee will be 25% of the annual fixed gross remuneration taking into account that the employees who started to work after 15 January 2018 (included) cannot subscribe this year.

Company Investment Common Fund, FCPE for its initials in French, is a means to preserve the employees’ savings. It is a fund invested in Eiffage shares. These shares are purchased thanks to the shares subscribed to by Eiffage employees during the capital increases.

This initiative is one of the many progresses and changes that promote the growth of the company and of each of the workers who are part of it. Eiffage Energía is always behind the worker, and in this case, the shareholder too.

Below is the Grupo Eiffage’s information web page for its employees’ shares subscription: