Eiffage Energía and its II Equality Plan

Each year the International Women’s Day reminds us of the importance in defending gender equality and the full development of each person without differentiating between men and women. Each 8th of March Eiffage Energía joins the iniciative of Women’s Day. A day which accompanies the message of breaking the barriers of inequality between genders.

Along these lines, Eiffage Energía constitutes its II Equality Plan in which a set of measures to promote equality and the creation of equal opportunities without differentiating between genders is reflected. This Equality Plan signed by Eiffage Energía, its subsidiaries, and all its work centres watches over prevention, awareness raising and improvement in equality as well as promoting conciliation policies.

Recently, Eiffage Energía has joined the Women’s Institute Programme formed by the Regional Government of Castilla La Mancha. A convention through which companies and entities of Castilla-La Mancha fight for a society without violence towards women. Eiffage Energía is one of the companies signing this convention for raising awareness and eradicating any type of discrimination or violent practice towards women.

This agreement, together with the company’s Equality Plan, contributes to the dissemination of preventive actions and intervention in cases of gender-based harassment and/or discrimination, in addition to ensuring protection in the workplace. In addition, concerning job creation, several objectives have been defined, such as the incorporation of women in areas where there is a lower number of females or a higher number of applications from women in the selection process.

In turn, within this framework of preventive interventions, the Equality Plan includes an action protocol for the prevention of sexual or gender-based harassment within the workplace or in any activity carried out within the company.

In short, Women’s Day is a supporting activity to continue working to build a world without violence and without discrimination against women. With Social Responsibility policies and conventions such as the Women’s Institute Programme, we continue to work towards the balance between men and women in any area of society.